Lavya Nu ~ Eno


Lavya Nu ~ Eno

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Are you looking for an instant scarf that looks simple but with elegance and style? Allergic with brooch? Brooch always missing?!
Then Lavya would suit you best! With a lightweight and cooling fabric, Lavya can also be styled with various way.


  • Single loop easy slip-on scarf
  • Soft awning (chiffon)
  • High quality glass diamond (SHE Label)
  • Comfort face opening
  • Suitable for daily wear
  • Simple and functional design
  • Lightweight and cooling fabric
  • Double layer chiffon


  • Material: High Quality Chiffon Georgette
  • Finishing: Baby Seam
  • Size: M – L

Wash & Care

Machine washable.

Opacity Level: 4