Slip on Tie-back Instant Scarf Cotton
Slip on Tie-back Instant Scarf Cotton

Malady Couture

Slip on Tie-back Instant Scarf Cotton

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SLIP ON is totally a new adventure for Malady Couture. It is the FIRST of its kind in Malaysia as you never found them elsewhere. The idea of producing SLIP ON sparked in assisting us facing the new challenges in our new norms.
The pandemic has changed our life in numerous ways. We are keen to wear something that can ease, comfort, speed up yet beautify us at the same time. We definitely love hijab that can offer us more than just one role.
SLIP ON is not just an ordinary hijab. It is pinless and comfortable for you to wear during your house work, yet still provides you a presentable look even if your boss asks for a sudden online meet. Even right after that you want to take fresh air and do some work out, you can still wear the same SLIP ON.
While doing physical activities - even in open spaces, Slip On allows you to move work out freely without losing your chest coverage and ensure that your neck is perfectly covered as SLIP ON has dual tie back function. If internal tie back does not secure your hijab enough, you can easily switch to external tie back for extra grip.
For those who never have an inner neck cover and suddenly need one, SLIP ON will become your life saviour as it can be worn as inner as well. Now can you see how much that SLIP ON can offer? So why wait? Grab them now!

Material: Premium Matte Spandex - ironless, lightweight, durable, pleasant & opaque Special feature: Dual tie-back function
Opacity: 5/5

Freesize: 50 - 51 CM (EST)
Hand wash is advisable.